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How Much is this going to cost?

Estimates are available by contacting us.   Costs for survey work can vary, depending on the location and the parcel of ground in question.  Naturally, complicated sites will cost more than simple residential lots located within established platted subdivisions.  This is why we ask for a copy of your legal description prior to establishing a cost estimate.

Will I get a drawing when you're done with my survey?

If your survey requires a drawing to be performed (and it may -  if any pins or monuments are set, we are required by Indiana State Law to file a Survey Report) you will receive a copy of the sketch and report.  Otherwise, drawings will be created when requested by the client.

When can you get started?

Work is performed on a first in, first out basis.  Check with the staff at the time of placing a Work Order for scheduling time.  Survey work is normally performed Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  When necessary, survey crews operate on Saturdays.  No work will be performed on Sunday.

Can I meet with the crew in the field to show them where some of my pins are?

Sure, we are always glad to meet with the client and do anything that will help reduce costs.

What's this Work Order Form I got in the mail, faxed, or e-mailed to me?

This is your contract with Andy Easley Engineering, Inc.  This form must be signed by the client and returned to our office prior to the scheduling of any work.  This is to assure that the work requested is correct.




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